Connect to Ubuntu 11.04 from Windows via Remote Desktop

ast week we showedyou how to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect from Ubuntu to Windows 7. Today, I will show you how to use the same Remote Desktop Protocol to connect from Windows to Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. If you ever wanted to connect to Ubuntu via Remote Desktop Connection, then this tutorial will help you do that.

There are many ways to connect to Ubuntu from Windows and RDP protocol is just one of the many ways. Continue reading

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Cara me redirect alamat / URL web

hmm .. mengalihkan alamat URL/ atau biasa disebut redirect, klo kita sering berurusan dengan website mungkin dah biasa melakukan ini contoh: yg paling sering saya lakukan adalah apabila kita punya alamat web dengan alamat tapi didalam root ingin kita masukan 1 folde web utama kita (contoh :folder dengan nama home ) sehingga nanti alamat web kita klo diakses menjadi Continue reading

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how to install deb file?

How do I install .deb file?

To install package called package.deb type the following command:
Go to directory where package.deb is kept. For example if it is in /tmp directory:
$ cd /tmp
Type the following command:
$ sudo dpkg -i package.deb

source ;

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cara mounting flashdisk di linux

langkah-langkah untuk mounting usb flashdisk di ubuntu :

1. langkah pertama adalah buat dulu mount point dari flasdisk di media #mkdir /media/flashdisk

2. cari lokasi flashdisk #fdisk -l karena lokasi flashdisk saya di sdb kemudian mount flashdisk agar bisa di buka dengan perintah # mount /dev/sdb1 /media/flashdisk

3. flashdisk sekarang sudah dapat dibuka dengan perintah #cd /media/flashdisk


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Compiling and Installing

This document covers compilation and installation of the Apache HTTP Server on Unix and Unix-like systems only. For compiling and installation on Windows, see Using Apache HTTPd with Microsoft Windows. For other platforms, see the platform documentation.

Apache HTTPd uses libtool and autoconf to create a build environment that looks like many other Open Source projects.

If you are upgrading from one minor version to the next (for example, 2.2.50 to 2.2.51), please skip down to the upgrading section. Continue reading

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Install MySQL, Apache and PHP from source on Linux

I’ve always wanted to have somewhere written down all the exact commands that will install a functional LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server.

I wrote them in a text file an year ago, i found them couple of days ago and decided to try them on a fresh Slackware server. Continue reading

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